Pixarnia Fundraising Terms of Conditions:

Our identification:

We are a company, INBOX SK ltd, located in Slovakia, operating under the EU, and Slovak legislation. Court Reg. Number: 44 813 295

We represent PIXARNIA and Sharcam team – further only Organizer.

Fundraising activities

We want to support COVID charities, so we organize Fundraising activities. Fundraising is done based on the exchange of access to our COVID charts system at www.covidworldcharts.com. Each funder will get a Certificate of Donation, declaring his/her founding activities. Certificates will be published at https://covidworldcharts.com/donors.

Our Commitment

 A portion of the money raised will be provided to charities based on the following rules:

  1. We will provide 50% of our profits from selling charts to charities helping people strongly affected by COVID-19
  2. The charities will be nominated and then voted for by supporters and other visitors. 
  3. There will be two polls where individuals can vote for a charity.
    1. One poll will be meant for individuals who have made a financial contribution of $5 and above to the fundraiser.
    2. Another poll will be accessible to the general public (People who have not made a financial contribution will be granted voting access on this poll)
  4. Voting for the best charity will be conducted on SHARCAM.com
    1. Each individual may vote only once on the poll accessible to the general public.
    2. Individuals can vote on the financial supporter poll each time they make a donation.

Number of Awarded charities

We will provide donations to 2-4 charities in a regular time period. The final number of charities will depend on the following conditions:

 Charities included in a poll

Fundraising organized by the organizer:

        1. Fundraising organization can pre-select some charities
        2. Any charity can add their profile to our poll by making a post on Sharcam
        3. Any user can propose any COVID charity by making a post on Sharcam

How to vote for any charity

The voting system is based on the number of likes received on the Charity photo/video posted on Sharcam. The more likes any post will get, the higher rank they will reach. 

The charity must have representatives responsible for answering any comment. Omitting this obligation can lead to disqualifying the charity from the chance to get any funds. 

Third party fundraising

Any charity, company or group can organize their own fundraising activity by using our charts in the following conditions:

  1. Third party must contact the organizer prior fundraising
  2. Third party must have significant database and supporters
  3. Third party must provide evidence to guarantee proper use of the money
  4. The price of selling products must be in consensus with Organizer (Pixarnia and Sharcam)
  5. Third party will keep 50% of their income 
  6. Third party fundraising organizer is responsible for writing their own rules
  7. Third party must give us the proof of using raised funds

Charity jury

Senior management of INBOX SK will be managing the charity jury. In exceptional cases, a representative of recognized authority can be invited to jury.

  1. This may include individuals belonging to but is not limited to organizations such as the UN, WHO, and UNICEF.

Public votes, as well as the purpose of the charity, will be taken into consideration while determining the charities. 

Awarded charities

The awarded charities must be able to prove at least one (1) year of existence and must have proven activities. The awarded charity must show the projects they supported altogether and provide contacts to prove credibility.

Failing to provide proof of activity can disqualify the charity from the selection. Guidelines charities must meet to be considered are listed below. 

What is allowed and what is not allowed

Charity allowed activity:

Not allowed activity:

In all the above cases, the charity shall be disqualified from the poll.

For any individual who wants to support their own initiative:

 If anyone wants to support their own initiative using our charts, they must contact Pixarnia first and gain approval. They will then be granted the opportunity to sell our charts. The following conditions apply:

 Legal obligation

There is not any legal obligation to award any charity - If a charity gets the maximum votes but does not meat the charity guidelines, we are not obliged to award the charity. Charities do not have the right to complain or to organize any legal pursuit.

Proof of support

We will maintain the list of awarded charities as well as the proof that we transferred the funds to their account. We cannot guarantee the charities’ usage of the funds.

Furthermore, donors are not permitted to impose restrictions on the direct use of donations provided - the final decision is up to the Organizer.

Non-financial award

Depending on the needs of the charity, it might be decided to award the charity with specific equipment, materials, or food and deliver it to the country of the charity. In this case, an invoice and the shipping certificate will be used to declare that the support was provided.

Consensus to above terms:

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to make revisions to these terms at any time. When we do this, we will post the revised Terms of Conditions on this page and will indicate the date of such revision.

Through our continued use of Pixarnia and associated products, after the date of any such revisions to the Terms of Conditions automatically constitutes your acceptance of the revised Terms. If you do not wish to accept any revisions to the Terms of Conditions, you may discontinue your use of Pixarnia and related services.