My name is Gabo Bruno, and I love traveling! I’ve traveled to about 40 countries worldwide, and I have a special place in my heart for these beautiful places. I love people at travel destinations because they are always friendly and helpful. However, I can not imagine how they might suffer in this unprecedented time as they have a lack of resources. That is why our team is dedicated to making different applications for travelers while also helping out those who need urgent help.

We are fair; we donate 50% of the funds to your COVID charities and we keep 50% of our income to develop and maintain our servers.

As far as what charities we will support, the decision is completely up to our users and visitors. Regardless of where you live or if you bought our charts, you can tell us the stories of charitable organizations and vote for the charities that need money the most. We are committed to sending them money every month and we will provide the proof about sending the money.

Our team firmly believes that no matter the amount, we can help people obtain basic necessities to help them survive. Once we are able to travel again, we will be excited to see them on the next trip.

Thank you in my name, in the name of my company, and in the name of all charities which receive your money. We sincerely appreciate the effort of our donors and clients.