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While the media presents only certain information about the COVID-19 pandemic, we aim to support your website or blog with more authentic and comprehensive data

Summary Charts

World (Total)

Summary widgets show COVID-19’s total confirmed cases and how it breaks down. You can see how the cases fluctuate on a day-to-day basis worldwide or in a particular country.

World (New Cases)

Country (Total, Spain)

Country (New Cases, United States)

Line Charts

Line Chart Basic (Cumulative, USA)

Line Charts show the development of COVID-19 from the early stages of the crisis to the current situation and are updated on a daily basis. With our live graphs, users can choose which components they wish to see. In addition, line charts can be prepared for any particular country, or users can choose the country they wish.

Line Chart Basic (Daily Change, USA)

Line Chart Standard (USA)

Pie Charts

Total Case

Pie Charts compare the situation of 10 countries. With these versatile charts, you can see the big picture in chosen countries with all four variables and even see the cases compared to a country’s total population.

Per Million

Switching Bar-Pie Chart (Total Case)

Switching Bar-Pie Chart (Per Million)

Column Charts

Total Case

Column Charts compare the situation among 10 or 20 countries. As each country is assigned to a bar, it is easy to compare the impact of COVID-19 through viewing all four variables while also comparing the confirmed cases with the total population in a given country.

Per Million

Switching Bar-Pie Chart (Total Case)

Switching Bar-Pie Chart (Per Million)

Summary Table

Data Table Basic

The Summary Table shows an interactive and comprehensive tool using real figures. All four variables are displayed as well as the population. Users can easily view the charts of the total statistics, daily trends, as well as per million. With this table, the streamlined data provides viewers to compare cases in up to 5 countries.

Data Table Standard